General Purpose Incubator

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BINDER - Series BD

Manufactured by BINDER

Incubator with natural convection from BINDER>

If you are looking for stable incubation process...

BINDER - Series KT

Manufactured by BINDER

Incubators with thermoelectric cooling for energy efficiency and high performance>

BINDER incub...

BINDER - Series KB

Manufactured by BINDER

Incubators with compressor technology for versatility in the laboratory>

BINDER has a range of ...


Manufactured by BINDER

Climate chambers with light for ideal growth conditions>

Climate chambers with light from BINDE...


Manufactured by BINDER

Climate chambers with light and humidity for perfect climate simulation>

Climate chambers with ...

SHEL LAB - DIURNAL (Day/Night) INCUBATOR, 20.3 CU FT, 0c to +45c (at +20c ambient), DOOR LIGHTS, 115V

Manufactured by SHEL LAB

SHEL LAB Diurnal growth chambers are designed for studies requiring day and nighttime simulation. This unit features...

Thermo Scientific - Heratherm

Manufactured by Thermo Scientific

Heratherm* Microbiological Incubators

Thermo Scientific - Cytomat™ 2 C-LIN Series Automated Incubators

Manufactured by Thermo Scientific

The Thermo Scientific™ Cytomat™ 2 series automated incubator is the most compact system with a capacity f...

Thermo Scientific - Cytomat™ 10 Hotel Ambient Storage

Manufactured by Thermo Scientific

Designed to fit into the busiest of cell biology or screening laboratories, the Thermo Scientific™ Cy...

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