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Sartorius Group - iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform

Manufactured by Sartorius Group

The iQue® 3 is the most advanced flow cytometry platform, with a focus on speed from setup, to acquisition, and an...

Beckman Coulter - Cell Lab Quanta™ SC

Manufactured by Beckman Coulter

Advanced Flow Cytometry with 3-Color, Coulter Volume and Side Scatter Analysis

Beckman Coulter - Cell Lab Quanta™ SC MPL

Manufactured by Beckman Coulter

Microtitre plate and micro tube based analysis, with 3-color, Coulter Volume and side scatter analysis for unsurpassed precision and time savings.

Partec - CyFlow® SL

Manufactured by Partec

Portable 3-Colour Flow Cytometry System for Routine and Research Applications

Agilent Technologies - 2100 Bioanalyzer

Manufactured by Agilent Technologies

One platform - endless possibilities!

MilliporeSigma - guava easyCyte 12 flow cytometry system

Manufactured by MilliporeSigma

Our microcapillary flow cytometry systems are simpler to operate than traditional sheath-fluid based instruments and are far easier to maintain.

Intellicyt - iQue Screener & iQue Screener HD

Manufactured by Intellicyt

The only true screening platform for suspension cell and bead formats

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. - S3e™ Cell Sorter

Manufactured by Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.

The S3e Cell Sorter is the first truly walk-away automated cell sorter. Real-time monitoring and smart features make cell sorting easier.

Beckman Coulter - CytoFLEX S

Manufactured by Beckman Coulter

Benchtop Cytometry without Compromises for Special Applications

BD Biosciences - BD FACSAria

Manufactured by BD Biosciences

From Pioneers to Revolutionaries in Flow Cytometry Instrumentation

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