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Thermo Scientific - MAT 253™ Stable Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer

Manufactured by Thermo Scientific

Get the highest sensitivity and precision for the determination of isotope ratios with the Thermo Scientific™ MAT...

Thermo Scientific - Triton Plus™ Multicollector Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometer

Manufactured by Thermo Scientific

Get high-precision isotope ratio measurements of your precious samples with the Thermo Scientific™ Triton...

Peak Scientific - MS TABLE 1N

Manufactured by Peak Scientific

The MS table has been designed as a Sciex exclusive product to house the Triple Quad™, QTRAP™ or IVD MS...

OI Analytical - IonCamTM Transportable Mass Spectrometer

Manufactured by OI Analytical

The IonCam's speed and high duty cycle enables fast analyses, increases sample throughput, and allows monitoring ...

Bruker Optics - solariX MRMS

Manufactured by Bruker Optics

routine IFS for unambiguous results

Bruker Optics - TargetScreener HR

Manufactured by Bruker Optics

The comprehensive screening solution for complex samples

Thermo Scientific - Q Exactive™ BioPharma Platform

Manufactured by Thermo Scientific

Realize complete BioPharma characterization with the The Thermo Scientific™ Q Exactive™ BioPharma pl...

Hitachi - Thermal Desorption MS (Screening Device for Phthalates) HM1000

Manufactured by Hitachi

In July 2019, an amendment to the RoHS directive will add 4 phthalates to the list of restricted substances. These 4...

Bruker Optics - scimaX MRMS

Manufactured by Bruker Optics

Taking science to the max

ASD Inc - TerraSpec 4 Hi-Res Mineral Spectrometer

Manufactured by ASD Inc

Recognized as the de facto technology for mineralogical analysis, the rugged portable TerraSpec mineral spectrometers...

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