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Shimadzu - ICPMS-2030

Manufactured by Shimadzu

The first system in the industry to include functions for assisting with analytical method development and dia...

Bruker Corporation - solariX

Manufactured by Bruker Corporation

Optimized FTMS Solutions for the Most Challenging Applications

Rigaku - KT-100S

Manufactured by Rigaku

Within seconds, the KT-100S handheld metal analyzer easily performs identification of the most difficult alloy grades.

Instrument Specialists Inc. - EGA Mass Spec and FTIR

Manufactured by Instrument Specialists Inc.

Instrument Specialists TGA and STA Thermal Analyzers offer optional heated transfer line and controller to allow for...

Waters - UniSpray Ion Source

Manufactured by Waters

A novel ion source for ionization of a broader range of compounds

Waters - StepWave

Manufactured by Waters

A unique, revolutionary off-axis ion source technology that delivers class leading UPLC-MS/MS...

Waters - NanoLockSpray Exact Mass Ionization Source

Manufactured by Waters

Exact Mass Measurement in Both NanoFlow LC-MS and LC-MS/MS Modes

Waters - LockSpray Exact Mass Ionization Source

Manufactured by Waters

The LockSpray™ dual electrospray ion source optimizes the co-introduction of analyte and lock mass compound...

Waters - IonSABRE APCI Probe Accessory

Manufactured by Waters

Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization (APCI) is an effective method for analyzing lower-polarity compounds. The...

Waters - Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe

Manufactured by Waters

Rapid Direct Analysis of Volatile and Semi-Volatile, Solid and Liquid Samples

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