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BioTek - Gen5

Manufactured by BioTek

Gen5 Data Analysis Software

Molecular Devices - pCLAMP 10

Manufactured by Molecular Devices

Conventional Electrophysiology Data Acquisition and Analysis Software

ChemSW - CISPro

Manufactured by ChemSW

CIS Chemical Inventory System® - CISPro

Molecular Devices - SoftMax Pro

Manufactured by Molecular Devices

An all-in-one data acquisition and analysis solution to get from reader set-up to results faster.

ChemSW - Molecular Modeling Pro™

Manufactured by ChemSW

Leverage Advanced Molecular Modeling for Accurate, Flexible Calculations

Thermo Scientific - GRAMS AI Spectroscopy Software

Manufactured by Thermo Scientific

GRAMS Suite provides a broad collection of tools to meet the needs of scientists engaged in a wide variety of spectroscopic experiments and discipline

Tecan - Freedom EVOware

Manufactured by Tecan

The power is in your hands!

DeltaNu - NuSpec

Manufactured by DeltaNu

NuSpec Software

FOSS - Vision® Software

Manufactured by FOSS

The FOSS NIRSystems Vision® software features a user-friendly environment for instrument operation and method...

Molecular Devices - SoftMax Pro GxP Software

Manufactured by Molecular Devices

Microplate Data Compliance Software

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