Hot Plate Stirrers

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VWR - 400

Manufactured by VWR

VWR 400 Hotplate Stirrer

Thermolyne - Cellgro 45700 (S45725)

Manufactured by Thermolyne

Thermolyne Cellgro S45725 Slow Speed Stirrer

Thermolyne - Nuova II

Manufactured by Thermolyne

S18525 Stirrer and Hot Plate Stirrer: Get years and years of use out of this highly robust lab stirrer with exceptional low end temperature control!


Manufactured by IKA

New magnetic stirrer with heating and ceramic heating plate which offers excellent chemical resistance.

Jeio Tech - HP-3000 Series

Manufactured by Jeio Tech

A variety of sizes, ceramic coated Hotplates and Stirrers series!

Glas-Col - Magnetic Hot Plate Stirrer

Manufactured by Glas-Col

Hot Plates, Magnetic Stirrers, and Hot Plate / Magnetic Stirrers


Manufactured by IKA

High-performance multi-position magnetic stirrers/hot plates.

LabTech - Hotplate magnetic stirrer

Manufactured by LabTech

LabTech hotplate magnetic stirrers are designed to provide user high quality, low cost heating/stirring system for routine applications.

Thermo Scientific - SuperNuova+ Hotplate

Manufactured by Thermo Scientific

Our new Thermo Scientific™ SuperNuova+™ hotplate series provides reliable performance, dependable safety and simple operation.

Thermo Scientific - Super-Nuova™ Multi-Position Digital Stirring Hotplates

Manufactured by Thermo Scientific

Perform life science and biotechnology applications with the help of Thermo Scientific™ Super-Nuova™ Multi-Position Digital Stirring Hotplates.

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