Chromatography Data Systems (GC)

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Shimadzu - LabSolutions DB

Manufactured by Shimadzu

Analysis Data System Compliant with ER/ES Regulations Progress Configuration of LabSolutions System

Bruker Corporation - CompassCDS 3.0

Manufactured by Bruker Corporation

One Platform. One Solution. Designed to Meet Your Needs.

Agilent Technologies - ChemStation

Manufactured by Agilent Technologies

Highest Level of Control for Agilent Instrumentation

PerkinElmer - TotalChrom

Manufactured by PerkinElmer

TotalChrom Workstation is the next stage in the evolution of chromatography software.

Dionex - Chromeleon 6.8

Manufactured by Dionex

Tackle your chromatography management challenges with the world's most complete chromatography software.

Shimadzu - LabSolutions Version 5.3

Manufactured by Shimadzu

LabSolutions Ver.5 chromatography workstation can control LCs and GCs from a single PC. Featuring both "operability"...

Thermo Scientific - ChromQuest 5.0

Manufactured by Thermo Scientific

ChromQuest is a powerful CDS that can fully meet chromatography laboratory needs.

SRI Instruments - PeakSimple

Manufactured by SRI Instruments

PeakSimple chromatography data systems consist of hardware and software.

HP - 3396A

Manufactured by HP

   The HP 3396A is an integrator that is based on an analog input.  It is equipped with INET and a R...

OI Analytical - CHROM-LINK

Manufactured by OI Analytical

CHROM-LINK is a complete instrument control and monitoring data acquisition system dedicated to a single MINICAMS monitor.

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