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Organomation - MULTIVAP Dry Evaporator - 48 Position

Manufactured by Organomation

Organomation's line of MULTIVAPs are extremely versatile and user friendly instruments.

Organomation - 24 Position N-EVAP Nitrogen Evaporator

Manufactured by Organomation

Time tested technology and proven construction insure a long lasting, user-friendly experience

Organomation - S-EVAP-KD Solvent Evaporator with Kuderna Danish Flasks

Manufactured by Organomation

The instrument includes a condenser holder assembly for solvent recovery condensers. It utilizes parallel water supply...

Glas-Col - Nitrogen Evaporator

Manufactured by Glas-Col

Low cost solution for the concentration of 96 well extractions and reactions Each SS Needle deli...

Savant Instruments - Refrigerated Condensation RT 100A

Manufactured by Savant Instruments

Savant Refrigerated Condensation RT 100A Vapor Trap

LabTech - MV5

Manufactured by LabTech

MV5 is an automatic multi-channel and multi-functional parallel concentration instrument designed by LabTech.

BUCHI Corporation - Syncore Polyvap

Manufactured by BUCHI Corporation

Maximize multiple sample workup efficiency

BUCHI Corporation - Syncore Analyst

Manufactured by BUCHI Corporation

Economical high quality concentration

BUCHI Corporation - Multivapor P-6 / P-12

Manufactured by BUCHI Corporation

Efficient evaporation for multiple samples

BUCHI Corporation - Interface I-300

Manufactured by BUCHI Corporation

Central control of all process parameters

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