High Pressure Gradient

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Waters - 2690

Manufactured by Waters

High Pressure Liquid Chromatography pump

Dionex - P680 HPLC Pump

Manufactured by Dionex

The high-precision P680 HPLC pumps are high-quality modules designed for HPLC analysis as part of a Dionex Summit HPLC system.

Waters - 515

Manufactured by Waters

The 515 HPLC pump is a programmable, free-standing HPLC pump available in isocratic, gradient, and semi-preparative...

Shimadzu - LC-20 Series

Manufactured by Shimadzu

Performance in the micro-flow rate range less than 50uL/min has been improved in the LC-20AD/AB pumps. First, a new...

HP - 1090 Pump

Manufactured by HP

HP 1090 High Performance Liquid Chromatograph

Hitachi Medical Systems - L-2100 SMASH

Manufactured by Hitachi Medical Systems

The LaChrom Elite HPLC solvent delivery systems provide highly reproducible results over a wide range of flow rates.

Hitachi Medical Systems - L-2130 HTA

Manufactured by Hitachi Medical Systems

The LaChrom Elite Solvent Delivery Modules provide precision, flexibility, and reliability for the most demanding HPLC applications.

Teledyne Isco - Density Gradient Fractionation System

Manufactured by Teledyne Isco

For gentle isolation of cellular ribosomes, RNA, DNA, and organelles

Teledyne Isco - ReaXus 6010R Reciprocating Pump

Manufactured by Teledyne Isco

The ReaXus 6010R is a high performance reciprocating pump with accurate flow rate control up to 10 mL/min and ...

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