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Hach Company - 166P Programmable UV/VIS Detector Module

Manufactured by Hach Company

The Beckman Coulter Model 166 Programmable UV/VIS Detector Module (PDM) is a variable wavelength UV/Vis HPLC detector...

Waters - 486

Manufactured by Waters

The Waters 486> tunable absorbance detector is a single-Channel tunable ultraviolet/visible (UV/VIS) det...

Waters - 2489 UV/Visible Detector

Manufactured by Waters

The most sensitive and versatile dual-wavelength absorbance detector available for HPLC

Rainin - Absorbance Detector UV-DII

Manufactured by Rainin

Dynamax Absorbance Detector UV-DII HPLC

Waters - 2487

Manufactured by Waters

Waters 2487 Dual Absorbance Detector

HP - G1314A

Manufactured by HP

G1314A Variable Wavelength Detector

HP - 1050 UV Detector

Manufactured by HP

1050 UV HPLC Detector

HP - 1050 DAD

Manufactured by HP

HPLC Detector, HP 1050 DAD - Diode array...

Waters - e2695 Alliance

Manufactured by Waters

Looks and works great.

Cecil Instruments - WaveQuest CE4300

Manufactured by Cecil Instruments

WaveQuest Ultra-Fast Scanning UV/Visible Detector

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