Fluorescence Detector

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Waters - 470

Manufactured by Waters

The Waters 470 Scanning Fluorescence Detector is a high performance detector designed specifically for liquid...

JASCO - FP-2020

Manufactured by JASCO

FP-2020 Intelligent Fluorescence Detector

PerkinElmer - LC 240

Manufactured by PerkinElmer


Shimadzu - RF-10AXL

Manufactured by Shimadzu

RF-10AXL Fluorescence Detector

HORIBA - DeltaFlex

Manufactured by HORIBA

High performance and flexible fluorescence lifetime spectrometer for fast and efficient acquisition of TCSPC lifetime data

Shimadzu - RF-20A Series

Manufactured by Shimadzu

Prominence RF-20A/RF-20Axs Fluorescence Detectors

Rigaku - Xsight Micron CCD

Manufactured by Rigaku

Rigaku XSight™ Micron LC is an ideal compact two dimensional (2D) X-ray CCD camera optimized for use in micron and submicron applications.

Rigaku - HyPix-6000HE

Manufactured by Rigaku

Rigaku Oxford Diffraction now offers the HyPix-6000HE Hybrid Photon Counting (HPC) detector.

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