Inverted Microscopes

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Olympus - IX83

Manufactured by Olympus

The fully-motorised and automated inverted microscope system

ZEISS - Axio Observer

Manufactured by ZEISS

Superior Definition and Contrast: The Leap in Optical Performance

KEYENCE - BZ-9000 Fluorescence Microscope

Manufactured by KEYENCE

All-in-one Fluorescence Microscope - No Darkroom Required

ZEISS - Axiovert 40

Manufactured by ZEISS

The routine inverted microscope for cell biology

Nikon - Eclipse Ti

Manufactured by Nikon

Nikon's inverted microscope series positioned at the center of the most advanced bioscience imaging protocols.

Cole-Parmer - EW Inverted Microscope

Manufactured by Cole-Parmer

Inverted binocular microscope, 10X & 20X Phase Contrast

Nikon - TMS-F

Manufactured by Nikon

Nikon's CF (chromatic-abberation free) optics are packaged in this easy to operate and easy to maintain inverted...

Olympus - CKX Series

Manufactured by Olympus

Compact inverted microscope for routine use

Olympus - IX51

Manufactured by Olympus

Inverted microscope for demanding applications

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