GC Manual Injectors

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Hamilton Company - Standard Injection

Manufactured by Hamilton Company

Split/splitless injection consists of a heated chamber with a glass liner into which the sample is injected through the...

Hamilton Company - SampleLock Syringes

Manufactured by Hamilton Company

The Hamilton SampleLock syringes allow you to collect, store, transport and analyze liquid or gaseous samples without...

Hamilton Company - Purge and Trap Syringes

Manufactured by Hamilton Company

These syringes are ideal for Purge and Trap applications because you can easily remove the syringe plunger and load...

Hamilton Company - On-Column Injection Syringes

Manufactured by Hamilton Company

On-column injection employs the direct introduction of the liquid sample into the column. This is very useful for the...

Hamilton Company - Constant Rate Syringe

Manufactured by Hamilton Company

The CR700 Constant Rate Syringes have preset volumes that can be dispensed at a constant flow rate. The volume is...

Merlin - Merlin MicroShot

Manufactured by Merlin

The Merlin MicroShot Injector makes manual syringe injections convenient and reproducible using readily available chromatography syringes.

VICI Valco - Internal Sample Injectors for GC

Manufactured by VICI Valco

Internal sample injectors are made of Nitronic 60, with a rotor made of Valcon E, a polyaryletherketone/PTFE composite....

SRI Instruments - Heated Flash Vaporization Injector

Manufactured by SRI Instruments

The SRI Heated Flash Vaporization injector is useful for applications which require flash vaporization of the sample prior to the column.

SRI Instruments - On-column Injector

Manufactured by SRI Instruments

The On-column injector's low mass and small size ensure that the injector body temperature closely follows the column oven temperature.

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