Differential Thermal Analysis

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Shimadzu - DTG-60/60 Simultaneous Thermogravimetry/ Differential Thermal Analyzers

Manufactured by Shimadzu

High Sensitivity and Excellent Stability Over a Wide Dynamic Mass Range

Anton Paar - High-precision thermometers: MKT 50 and MKT 10

Manufactured by Anton Paar

Imagine a world without temperature measurement. Anton Paar offers two Millikelvin Thermometers, MKT 50 and MKT 10, t...

EXSTAR - TG/DTA7000 Series

Manufactured by EXSTAR

Newly developed simultaneous thermogravimetry and differential thermal analysis (TG/DTA, TGA/DTA) with high performances.

Setaram Instrumentation - SETSYS Evolution DTA/DSC

Manufactured by Setaram Instrumentation

High-performance modular DTA & DSC thermal analyzers (ambient / 2400°C)

Setaram Instrumentation - DSC131 evo

Manufactured by Setaram Instrumentation

An-easy-to-use Differential Scanning Calorimeter DSC (-170 to 700°C)

Setaram Instrumentation - LABSYS evo

Manufactured by Setaram Instrumentation

TGA, DTA, DSC and Simultaneous TGA-DTA, TGA-DSC from ambient to 1600°C

Setaram Instrumentation - 96 Line DTA / DSC

Manufactured by Setaram Instrumentation

Large volume & high temperature DTA / DSC (ambient to 2000°C)

Instrument Specialists Inc. - DSC

Manufactured by Instrument Specialists Inc.

DSC iseries (Differential Scanning Calorimeter)

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