Differential Scanning Calorimetry

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Netzsch - DSC 214 Polyma

Manufactured by Netzsch

The System Solution for Efficient Characterization of Polymers

Rigaku - DSC

Manufactured by Rigaku

DSC is a thermoanalytical technique in which the difference in the amount of heat required to increase.

PerkinElmer - DSC 8500 Hyper-enabled Double-Furnace Differential Scanning Calorimeter

Manufactured by PerkinElmer

Pushing the limits of science - Our hyper-enabled, double-furnace DSC 8500 is truly revealing

We are proud to i...

Scinco - DSC N-650

Manufactured by Scinco

The Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) is a powerful instrument that measures the energy absorbed or released as a...

Shimadzu - DSC-60 Plus Series

Manufactured by Shimadzu

Excellent Sensitivity with Fast Cooling

TA Instruments - Discovery DSC Series

Manufactured by TA Instruments

The World's Finest line of Differential Scanning Calorimeters.

TA Instruments - Q20 Series

Manufactured by TA Instruments

The Q20 Series (Q20, AQ20, Q20P) are cost-effective, easy-to-use, general-purpose DSC modules, with calorimetric...

TA Instruments - Auto Q20

Manufactured by TA Instruments

Auto Q20 is a cost-effective general purpose DSC which comes equipped with a fifty-position robotic autosampler. The...

TA Instruments - Tzero™

Manufactured by TA Instruments

Tzero™ is an advanced DSC technology that provides a fundamentally more accurate way of measuring heat flow.

PerkinElmer - DSC 7

Manufactured by PerkinElmer

The PerkinElmer DSC-7 Differential Scanning Calorimeter permits the direct calorimetric measurement, characterization...

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