Materials Testing Systems

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Distek - ezTab 300 Tablet Hardness Tester

Manufactured by Distek

Measuring tablet thickness, diameter, and hardness the Distek ezTab 300 Tablet Hardness Tester is both USP and EP...

Wilson Hardness - Rockwell 2000 Series

Manufactured by Wilson Hardness

The Rockwell 2000 Series Hardness Testers achieve the highest level of depth measurement accuracy and resolution available.

Wilson Hardness - Rockwell BRIRO R

Manufactured by Wilson Hardness

Offers a combination of extremely solid and long-lasting mechanics along with a very high testing accuracy for Rockwell and Brinell hardness scales.

Instron - CEAST Model 9350

Manufactured by Instron

The CEAST 9350 is a floor standing impact system designed to deliver 0.59 -757 J (0.44 - 558 ft-lb) of energy.

LECO Corporation - ConfiDent2™

Manufactured by LECO Corporation

Digital/Video Hardness Measuring System

Shimadzu - AG-IC

Manufactured by Shimadzu

Official certification after installation is recommended to comply with EN 10002-2, ISO 7500-1, ASTM E4, and JIS B7721...

Shimadzu - Autograph AGS-J

Manufactured by Shimadzu

All the necessary functions in a compact body!

Shimadzu - EZ Test Series

Manufactured by Shimadzu

Table-Top Material Tester

Buehler - MicroMet® 6000 Series

Manufactured by Buehler

MicroMet® 6000 is a series of microindentation hardness testers. They offer a versatile, affordable and reliable...

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