Microwave Digesters

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Aurora Biomed - TRANSFORM 680

Manufactured by Aurora Biomed

TRANSFORM 680 Microwave Digestion System

Sineo - MDS-10

Manufactured by Sineo

High Throughput Microwave Chemistry Workstation

CEM Corporation - Closed Vessel Acid Digestion - MARS System

Manufactured by CEM Corporation

With the advanced technology of the MARS System with the MARSXpress option, high-pressure digestions have never been easier to run.

CEM Corporation - Discover SP-D - Closed Vessel Microwave Digestion

Manufactured by CEM Corporation

Fast and remarkably simple, the Discover SP-D changes the laboratory paradigm for microwave digestion.

Questron Technologies - Vulcan

Manufactured by Questron Technologies

Vulcan is the first automated workstation combining the two essential steps of sample preparation -Digestion and Work-up.

Questron Technologies - QBlock Series

Manufactured by Questron Technologies

QBlock series provides wide selection to choose appropriate hot block to increase efficiency of digestion and through put. Teflon coated graphite bloc

Buck Scientific - MDS-6G Closed Microwave Digestion/Extraction System

Manufactured by Buck Scientific

The MDS-6G sets a new benchmark for practical compact microwave digester:

All steel industrial grade chamb...

Buck Scientific - Jupiter Series

Manufactured by Buck Scientific

The Jupiter Microwave digestion system - The worlds safest by design

Buck Scientific - Master 15

Manufactured by Buck Scientific

The Master 15 is able to read all vessel temperatures with it's advanced infrared thermometer. One master vessel ...

Buck Scientific - Master 40

Manufactured by Buck Scientific

High throuput microwave digestion system

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