Microwave Digesters

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CEM Corporation - Phoenix BLACK

Manufactured by CEM Corporation

Ash samples up to 97% faster than other muffle furnaces.

CEM Corporation - DigestPro

Manufactured by CEM Corporation

Automated Protein Digestion & MS Sample Preparation

Anton Paar - Monowave300

Manufactured by Anton Paar

High performance microwave reactor specially designed for small scale microwave synthesis applications in research and development laboratories.

Anton Paar - Multiwave 3000

Manufactured by Anton Paar

Multiwave 3000 is a modular microwave digestion system specially designed to considerably reduce the workload between...

Analysco - MASTER 40

Manufactured by Analysco

Microwave Digestion / Extraction System

Sineo - MASTER 40-Vessel

Manufactured by Sineo

40 Vessels Microwave Digestion/Extraction System

Anton Paar - Multiwave ECO

Manufactured by Anton Paar

Microwave Digestion System: Multiwave ECO


Manufactured by SCP SCIENCE

High Temperature Digestion Systems

SCP SCIENCE - DigiPREP Block Digestion Systems

Manufactured by SCP SCIENCE

DigiPREP blocks are Teflon coated to resist aggressive corrovise attack for guaranteed long life in harsh laboratory...

CEM Corporation - CEM Labwave9000 Microwave Moisture/Solid Analyzer

Manufactured by CEM Corporation

The moisture/solid analyzer is designed for faster analysis with an integrated analytical balance, a digital computer and a microwave drying system.

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