Melting Point Apparatus

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Stuart - SMP10

Manufactured by Stuart

The SMP10 Melting Point uses digital temperature sensing and display rather than a traditional mercury thermometer,...

OMEGA Engineering - MPS40

Manufactured by OMEGA Engineering

The MPS40 automatic melting point uses the latest technology in digital image processing, to accurately identify the...

Electrothermal - IA9100 Digital Melting Point Apparatus

Manufactured by Electrothermal

Offers an easy way to measure the melting points of samples without sacrificing accuracy; the temperature resolution is within 0.1°C.

Anton Paar - RKA 5

Manufactured by Anton Paar

The ring-and-ball softening point tester automatically determines the temperature at which a substance attains a particular degree of softness.

BUCHI Corporation - M-560

Manufactured by BUCHI Corporation

Manual melting point determination for universities and research laboratories

Electrothermal - 1102D Mel-Temp

Manufactured by Electrothermal

Offers a quick and easy way to measure the melting points of samples at a budget price with a temperature resolution of ±1°C.

Stuart - SMP30

Manufactured by Stuart

Melting point apparatus, complete with pack of 100 melting point tubes, open at one end.

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