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Cole-Parmer - StableTemp® Modular Block Heaters

Manufactured by Cole-Parmer

Digital dry block heater 1 block capacity 120V with independent LED displays for temperature & time.PID temperature control with user calibration mode

Glas-Col - Combo Heating Mantles

Manufactured by Glas-Col

Glas-Col's combination mantles have always been the mantles of choice for repetitive extracting, refluxing, and...

Electrothermal - CMUV Electromantles

Manufactured by Electrothermal

CMUV Electromantles: For large volume flask and funnels

Stuart - SBH130DC - Dual Block, 130°C, Digital Block Heater

Manufactured by Stuart

Innovative design accommodating 2 blocks with independent temperature control allowing them to be set at different temperatures.

Electrothermal - Electric Bunsen BA6101

Manufactured by Electrothermal

The Electric Bunsen combines the advantages of a regular gas burner with the clean easy operation of our Electromantles.

Lab-Line - Multi Blok Heater

Manufactured by Lab-Line

Multi-Blok® heaters provide uniform dry heating for cuvettes, microcentrifuge tubes, titer plates and test tubes of various sizes.

VWR - Dry Block Heater

Manufactured by VWR

VWR® Advanced Dry Block Heaters are designed for applications that require repeatable results and superior temperature stability.

VWR - Electromantle EMX and EMV series

Manufactured by VWR

Multipurpose heating apparatus which accepts a variety of funnels. The opening in the base enables funnels or vessels...

Glas-Col - Series O Resin Reaction Flask Mantles

Manufactured by Glas-Col

This mantle's even heat distribution prevents scorching of clear resinous materials. It's one-circuit heat input...

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