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Porvair Sciences - Krystal UV Quartz bottomed microplates

Manufactured by Porvair Sciences

Recently, scientists have begun using assay chemistries which require excitation or detection wavelengths in the far UV...

Agilent Technologies - Adhesive Labels

Manufactured by Agilent Technologies

Authentic Agilent automation certified labels with application matched ribbon guarantee the highest level of system...

Agilent Technologies - Heat Seal

Manufactured by Agilent Technologies

Keep your microplate heat sealing fast, easy and reliable—don’t breakup a proven team:Agilent's PlateLoc hardware and...

Agilent Technologies - Labware MiniHub

Manufactured by Agilent Technologies

The Labware MiniHub is a rotating, random-access device for presenting and storing ANSI/SBS 1-2004 compliant labware in...

Porvair Sciences - Flowerplate

Manufactured by Porvair Sciences

The novel shape of the FlowerPlate ensures turbulent mixing for biological suspensions and broths when incubated and...

Porvair Sciences - Storage/Collection

Manufactured by Porvair Sciences

Deep well polypropylene microplates are commonly used for sample storage in life science laboratories. An essential...



Selected microplates for luminescence, fluorescence and absorbance

Porvair Sciences - Glass Vial Deep-well plates

Manufactured by Porvair Sciences

The plates are made in virgin polypropylene to minimise extractables.

Biotix - Deep Well Microplates

Manufactured by Biotix

These sturdy deep well microplates can support centrifugation up to 6,000 RCF when supported by the appropriate plate rotor.

Waters - Ostro 96-Well Plate

Manufactured by Waters

Rapid Removal of Phospholipids Gives Scientists a New Tool to Advance Drug Discovery and Development Efforts

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