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TTP LabTech - sol-R microplates

Manufactured by TTP LabTech

sol-R™ microplate clarity for image-based immunoassay and phenotypic screening

Porvair Sciences - PCR plates – polypropylene

Manufactured by Porvair Sciences

Porvair premium PCR plates are made from polypropylene for extra rigidity. These plates are compatible with the...

Chromatrap - Chromatrap96 HT

Manufactured by Chromatrap

96-well chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP)

Integra Biosciences - 96 and 384 Well Reservoirs

Manufactured by Integra Biosciences

Reagent Reservoirs 96 and 384 - economically and environmentally friendly

Drummond Scientific - Stainless Steel Manifolds for Microtest Plates

Manufactured by Drummond Scientific

Feed, Rinse, or Aspirate Multiple Plate Positions Quickly and...

Porvair Sciences - Krystal Series Clear Bottom Plates

Manufactured by Porvair Sciences

Porvair Krystal series clear bottom plates are now recognised as industry-leading tools for Pharma drug discovery and screening.

Labnet - DyNA Block™ Deep Well Microplates - Round Wells

Manufactured by Labnet

These deep well microplates are ideal for high throughput applications and storage of samples. They are compatible with sample processing workstations

Phenomenex - Strata-X µElution SPE Plates

Phenomenex - Strata-X µElution SPE Plates

Manufactured by Phenomenex

With Strata™-X polymeric SPE sorbents the guesswork that leads to lengthy method development is eliminated....

PerkinElmer - AlphaPlates

Manufactured by PerkinElmer

Introducing PerkinElmer's exclusive AlphaPlate, designed specifically for AlphaLISA and AlphaScreen assay applications....

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