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Thermo Scientific - Automation Tips for PerkinElmer/Packard Robotic Liquid Handling Systems with Varispan Dispense Arms

Manufactured by Thermo Scientific

Thermo Scientific* automation tips for PerkinElmer*/Packard* robotic liquid handling systems with Varispan* dispense arms conductive option provides i

Distek - 10 and 45 micron filter

Manufactured by Distek

The two piece sample probe design features a twist n’ lock probe housing offering superior probe integrity for ...

Micronic - 138-2 HD Rack

Manufactured by Micronic

The Micronic 138-2 HD Rack is developed for 138 individual 0.75ml internally threaded or externally threaded (h...

METTLER TOLEDO - LifeTouch Microcentrifuge Tubes

Manufactured by METTLER TOLEDO

LiteTouch™ 1.7 ml Microcentrifuge Tube Quick and easy one-hand operation

STEMCELL Technologies Inc. - SepMate

Manufactured by STEMCELL Technologies Inc.

50 mL centrifuge tube with an insert for density gradient medium-based cell isolation

Hamilton Robotics - Microlab Disposable Tips

Manufactured by Hamilton Robotics

Hamilton supplies a complete range of superior quality disposable tips, specially designed for use on Hamilton...

STERIS - LabKlenz 250

Manufactured by STERIS

LabKlenz 250 Acid Detergent

Qorpak - PYREX® Low Form Graduated Griffin Beakers

Manufactured by Qorpak

PYREX® Low Form Graduated Griffin Beakers with spout are manufactured with uniform wall thickness, offers optimum...

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