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Freund-Vector - Hi-Coater System

Manufactured by Freund-Vector

Hi-Coaters® are portable, self-contained systems designed for small laboratory batches all the way up to small production sized pan coating processes.

Freund-Vector - VFC Flo-Coater System

Manufactured by Freund-Vector

Simple-to-use, economical, and designed for maximum processing effectiveness, the VFC Flo-Coater® family is the ideal solution for your needs.

Glatt - GC Smart Series

Manufactured by Glatt

The Glatt Coater GC Smart® with fully perforated drum offers a high level of efficiency, handling and process security at a very attractive price.

Sejong Pharmatech - Automatic Tablet Coating System (SFC Series)

Manufactured by Sejong Pharmatech

By utilizing a HVLP type Spray Gun, the efficiency of the coating is tightly controlled along with air temperatures to ensure even coating.

Bosch Packaging Technology - Premier Coater 500

Manufactured by Bosch Packaging Technology

Advanced , automatic coating system with m-tec control technology. Ideal for large size batch production

Freund-Vector - VFC-LAB 1 and VFC-LAB 3 Flo-Coater

Manufactured by Freund-Vector

Multi-Purpose Laboratory Fluid Bed Systems

Glatt - GMPC I Mini-Coater

Manufactured by Glatt

First-class coating for small batch sizes. The perfect laboratory unit for research and development.

O'Hara Technologies Inc. - FASTCOAT series

Manufactured by O'Hara Technologies Inc.

The original Fastcoat series is geared towards the Pharmaceutical Industry with quality, performance, ease of operation...

Anton Paar - Calotest Compact (CAT²c)

Manufactured by Anton Paar

Calotest is designed to quickly characterize coating thickness. The CAT²c is widely used for analyzing coatings with...

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