High Shear Granulators

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Vanguard Pharmaceutical Machinery - VHG-G

Manufactured by Vanguard Pharmaceutical Machinery

VHG-G High Shear Granulator is widely used in granulation process of pharmaceutical, food and feed industry because it is high efficient.

Freund-Vector - GMX-LAB Micro

Manufactured by Freund-Vector

The GMX Granumeist® High Shear Granulator and Mixer is designed for efficient and homogenous wet granulation of powders.

GEA Pharma Systems - Collette High Shear Mixer Granulators

Manufactured by GEA Pharma Systems

GEA Pharma Systems - Collette™ has supplied mixer and granulator systems to various industries for more than a century.

Cumberland - C Series

Manufactured by Cumberland

Cumberland's C Series is designed for heavy duty, high capacity granulation.

CCS LLC - Stokes Model 44

Manufactured by CCS LLC

Designed for blending and homogenising powders and granulates.

DIOSNA - Mixer Granulator P 1 - 6

Manufactured by DIOSNA

The P 1-6 is a laboratory machine for mixing and granulating of wet granules.

DIOSNA - Granulationline CGS

Manufactured by DIOSNA

Compact efficiency for the production of tablet granules.

CapPlus Technologies - G250 Granulator/Oscillator

Manufactured by CapPlus Technologies

High output, sight window, easy cleaning, totally enclosed, maintenance free, mounted on casters, wet or dry granulation

Glatt - TMG

Manufactured by Glatt

Our most efficient high-shear talent to test with minimum product volume.

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