Tablet/Capsule Counters

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Manufactured by COUNTEC

Countec line electronic multi-channel tablet/capsule counting machines.

King - TC12

Manufactured by King

Multi Channel Tablet and Capsule Counting Machines

King - TC8 and TC12

Manufactured by King

All C.E. King machine are designed to be user-friendly, simple to change over, easy to clean, and they meet the GMP standards.

King - TB4

Manufactured by King

The King TB4 counter is an extremely versatile and accurate filler that can count batches from 1 to 10,000.

Marchesini Group - FTC12

Manufactured by Marchesini Group

Tablet counter and capping machine

IMA Pharma - CONTA

Manufactured by IMA Pharma

Designed to avoid cross-contamination, with highly accurate counting and product inspection and single product rejection.


Manufactured by IMA Pharma

The SWIFTCOUNT counter is designed to feed and count any size, shape or quantity of tablets without change parts.

Charles Ischi - CIW

Manufactured by Charles Ischi

The CIW automatic weighing system allows you to weigh tablets, tablet cores, capsules and similar products during or...

Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems - Mikro Pneumatic Vibratory Feeder PF

Manufactured by Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems

Mikro Pneumatic Feeder (MPF) is designed for the lab and R&D environment where explosion proof area classification will...

IMA Pharma - SL39

Manufactured by IMA Pharma

SL39 is a slat counter designed to meet the demand for quick and easy cleaning.

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