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Thermo Scientific - GlycanPac AXR-1

Manufactured by Thermo Scientific

The Thermo Scientific™ GlycanPac™ AXR-1 column is a high-performance, silica-based HPLC column for the...

Hitachi - LaChromUltra II C18

Manufactured by Hitachi

High durability and pressure resistance enable performance. The LachromUltra II C18 columns enable both ultrahi...

Supelco/Sigma-Aldrich - BIOshell U/HPLC Columns

Manufactured by Supelco/Sigma-Aldrich

BIOshell™ U/HPLC Columns for Separation of Proteins and Peptides High Efficiency Separations of Proteins and Other Biomolecules.

Supelco/Sigma-Aldrich - Titan

Manufactured by Supelco/Sigma-Aldrich

Titan delivers leading UHPLC column performance, at half the cost

Titan - UHPLC column

Manufactured by Titan

Titan UHPLC columns, based on 1.9 ┬Ám totally porous monodisperse silica, outperform other UHPLC columns.

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