Fluorescence Microscopes

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Inscopix - nVista HD

Manufactured by Inscopix

Miniature, Integrated Fluorescence Microscope

KEYENCE - BZ-9000 Fluorescence Microscope

Manufactured by KEYENCE

All-in-one Fluorescence Microscope - No Darkroom Required

ZEISS - Primo Star iLED

Manufactured by ZEISS

Continuing a tradition started by Robert Koch: Research tuberculosis with a microscope from Carl Zeiss

ZEISS - Axio Imager 2 Research Microscope

Manufactured by ZEISS

Your upright research microscope platform

Olympus - FSX100™

Manufactured by Olympus

Observe your specimen and snap microscope images simply by following the stepwise workflow.

Olympus - cell^TIRF

Manufactured by Olympus

The Olympus cell^TIRF illuminator offers four motorized channels for simultaneous image capture. Intuitive software...

Olympus - LV200

Manufactured by Olympus

Bioluminescence Imaging System

Olympus - cellTIRF-4Line system

Manufactured by Olympus

The Next Level of TIRF Microscopy

Olympus - cellTIRF-1Line system

Manufactured by Olympus

White-light TIRFM Illumination Module

Olympus - Alpha3

Manufactured by Olympus

Flexibility Meets Quality Performance

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