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Hach Company - SL1000

Manufactured by Hach Company

Portable Parallel Analyzer (PPA). Water Quality Testing. Dramatically Streamlined.

Pharmacia Biotech - Ultrospec 3000

Manufactured by Pharmacia Biotech

Ultrospec 3000 - Spectrophotometers/Colorimeters


Manufactured by Optima

Microprocessor Controlled DIGITAL COLORIMETER - Ideal for Educational, Clinical and Boichemical Laboratory

Anton Paar - L-Col 6100: Color Sensor for Beverages

Manufactured by Anton Paar

Inline color measurement for beverage analyzers

Thermo Scientific - Orion AQUAfast AQ4000

Manufactured by Thermo Scientific

The AQ4000 with its Auto-ID and pre-programmed methods ensure error-free readings at a very affordable price.

Hach Company - Pocket Colorimeter II

Manufactured by Hach Company

The new Pocket Colorimeter™ II Filter Photometer is a true go-anywhere instrument. It's lightweight and battery...

Hach Company - DR 900

Manufactured by Hach Company

Multiparameter Handheld Colorimeter

Hach Company - DR/800 Series

Manufactured by Hach Company

The DR/800 Portable Colorimeter Series comes in three models (20, 50, or 90 methods) with automatic wavelength...

UDY Corporation - Protein System

Manufactured by UDY Corporation

Quick, Easy, Affordable Total Protein Analysis with Non Hazardous Chemicals

PCE Instruments - Colorimeter PCE-CSM 1

Manufactured by PCE Instruments

PC software included / Li-ion battery / different colour spaces / determination of reference values and samples ...

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