Temperature Monitoring

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EPPENDORF - SmartBlock™

Manufactured by EPPENDORF

Using different vessel sizes within your lab workflow? Flexibility has never been this easy. Eppendorf offers a broad...

Anton Paar - High Temperature Tribometer (THT)

Manufactured by Anton Paar

The analysis of friction and wear properties of materials at elevated temperatures has become increasingly important,...

Anton Paar - L-Com 5500

Manufactured by Anton Paar

For concentration measurement of three-component mixtures

Anton Paar - L-Sonic 5100/L-Sonic 6100 Sound Velocity Sensors

Manufactured by Anton Paar

Sound velocity sensor for inline concentration measurement

Analytik Jena - Thermostat Accel 250

Manufactured by Analytik Jena

Cooling Thermostat for Precise Temperature Control>Precise and constant temperatures...

Bruker Optics - SVGps

Manufactured by Bruker Optics

The Bruker SVGps Radiation Survey Meter is a high precision, handheld system that uses a combination of Geiger-Mueller...

Bruker Optics - Radiation Probe

Manufactured by Bruker Optics

The Bruker Radiation Probe is a gamma dose-rate detector that mounts to the superstructure and has IP66 protection....

Questron Technologies - QBlock Wireless

Manufactured by Questron Technologies

QBlock Wireless Digestion system is the only system which can wirelessly control up to 8 QBlocks providing unparalleled...

Physitemp - Water Pump and Tank Unit "Model-PTU-3"

Manufactured by Physitemp

Model-PTU-3 -Pump and Tank Unit was designed for use with Physitemp's range of thermoelectric cooling and heating...

Physitemp - WF-1 In-Line Sediment Filter

Manufactured by Physitemp

Physitemp Instruments has introduced an In-line Sediment Filtration System for its extensive range of thermoelectric...

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