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Manufactured by FRITSCH GmbH

Precise sieving with automatic amplitude control

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics - Test Sieves

Manufactured by Ortho Clinical Diagnostics

The well-proven RETSCH sieves consist of a solid stainless steel sieve frame of high stability for reliable sieving...

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics - Air Jet Sieving Machine AS 200 jet

Manufactured by Ortho Clinical Diagnostics

The new Air Jet Sieve AS 200 jet is particularly suitable for sieve cuts of powdered materials which require efficient dispersion and desagglomeration

HMK Test - HMK-1601 Tablet Friability Tester And Apparatus USP

Manufactured by HMK Test

HMK-1601 Friability Tester is an apparatus for checking the friability of tablets.It completely complies to...

HMK Test - HMK-18 Tumbler Screening Machine

Manufactured by HMK Test

HMK18 Tumbler Screening Machine/Tumbler Screener is designed for large output, high precision requirement. It is...

HMK Test - HMK19 Vibrating Screen Vibration Screen Screening Machine Sieving Equipment

Manufactured by HMK Test

Overview>  Vibrating screen/Vibration screen is a kind of screening machine/sieving machine be...

HMK Test - HMK-GF2 Ultrasonic Vibrating Machine

Manufactured by HMK Test

Overview>If your business is about fine powder,particle materials, such as glycine,pharmaceuti...

HMK Test - HMK-0501 Test Sieve Shaker Lab Sieve

Manufactured by HMK Test

HMK-0501 Test sieve shaker Lab sieve is widely used in Inspection Departments such as laboratory and quality control...

EPPENDORF - Innova S44i

Manufactured by EPPENDORF

Innova S44i is a large capacity, stackable shaker with temperature control functionality. It is designed to provide...

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