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Thermo Scientific - MALDI LTQ Orbitrap

Manufactured by Thermo Scientific

The Thermo Scientific MALDI LTQ Orbitrap combines the benefits of MALDI technique with Orbitrap technology. The ad...

Thermo Scientific - Orbitrap Fusion™ Lumos™ Tribrid™ Mass Spectrometer

Manufactured by Thermo Scientific

Test new limits of detection, characterization and quantitation with the latest Tribrid™ mass spectrometer.

Thermo Scientific - ITQ™ Series GC-Ion Trap MS Systems

Manufactured by Thermo Scientific

With full-scan electron ionization sensitivity and upgradeability, Thermo Scientific™ ITQ™ Series GC-Ion...

Waters - MALDI SYNAPT G2-Si High Definition Mass Spectrometry

Manufactured by Waters

Redefining Resolution - Resolution in 3 Dimensions

SCIEX - SelexION™ ION Mobility Technology

Manufactured by SCIEX

The SCIEX SelexION device is an innovative achievement in differential ion mobility spectrometry. This differential ion...

1st Detect - OEM-1000 TM

Manufactured by 1st Detect

OEM-1000TM is a fully functional ion trap mass spectrometer component.

1st Detect - MMS-1000™

Manufactured by 1st Detect

MMS-1000™ is a true cylindrical ion trap mass spectrometer with MS/MS capability.

1st Detect - iONTRAC

Manufactured by 1st Detect

the iONTRAC process monitor combines the selectivity, speed, and sensitivity of an ion trap mass spectrometer with...

Excellims - MA3100

Manufactured by Excellims

The MA3100 is a complete HPIMS-MS solution for compound identification and structure elucidation.

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