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Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. - ChemiDoc MP System

Manufactured by Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.

The ChemiDoc MP system is a full-feature instrument for gel or western blot imaging. It is designed to address...

GE Healthcare - Typhoon™ FLA 9500

Manufactured by GE Healthcare

The flexible and versatile scanner for all imaging applications

GE Healthcare - ImageQuant LAS 500

Manufactured by GE Healthcare

ImageQuant™ LAS 500 is a cooled CCD imager for imaging of chemiluminescent Western blots, fluorescent protein and...

Thermo Scientific - iBlot 2

Manufactured by Thermo Scientific

The iBlot® 2 Gel Transfer Device is our second-generation dry transfer device, providing the same speed and convenience...

Thermo Scientific - iBlot

Manufactured by Thermo Scientific

Designed to be compatible with the original iBlot® Gel Transfer Device, iBlot® Western Detection Kits offer complete...

Hoefer - Gel Stainer Processor

Manufactured by Hoefer

Hoefer Gel Stainer Processor Electrophoresis

Stovall Life Science Inc. - Belly Dancer

Manufactured by Stovall Life Science Inc.

Designed expressly for gel and blotting techniques.

Analytik Jena - Biometra Vacu-Blot

Manufactured by Analytik Jena

Fast Transfer>Transfer of nucleic acids to membranes during Southern or Northern analysis was ...

Analytik Jena - Biometra Tank-Blotting

Manufactured by Analytik Jena

For gentle blotting of large and temperature-sensitive proteins

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