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Organomation - NITRO-GEN-20 Nitrogen Generator

Manufactured by Organomation

The NITRO-GEN 20 produces up to 20L/min of nitrogen gas and is recommended for evaporation of up to 48 sample positions.

Organomation - MULTIVAP Dry Evaporator - 48 Position

Manufactured by Organomation

Organomation's line of MULTIVAPs are extremely versatile and user friendly instruments.

TA Instruments - DuraPulse™ Stent/Graft Test (SGT) Instrument

Manufactured by TA Instruments

DuraPulse™ SGTs provide unrivaled dynamic performance & proven reliability over billions of maintenance-free cycles for accelerated stent testing.

Sartorius Group - Q Apps

Manufactured by Sartorius Group

Turn your Cubis® laboratory balance into a Cubis® individual instrument and download customer-specific applications,...

Distek - VIP 4400

Manufactured by Distek

The VIP 4400 automates one of the most time consuming and least productive aspects of the dissolution test: Post-test clean-up.

Distek - ezTab 300 Tablet Hardness Tester

Manufactured by Distek

Measuring tablet thickness, diameter, and hardness the Distek ezTab 300 Tablet Hardness Tester is both USP and EP...

FMS - The EconoTrace Parallel SPE System

Manufactured by FMS

The EconoTrace Parallel SPE System is designed to streamline your laboratory's workflow and increase productivity by automating the manual steps in yo

SPEX SamplePrep - 1600 MiniG

Manufactured by SPEX SamplePrep

Automated Tissue Homogenizer and Cell Lyser

Qiagen - QIAcube

Manufactured by Qiagen

For fully automated sample prep using QIAGEN spin-column kits

EPPENDORF - ThermoMixer C

Manufactured by EPPENDORF

The Eppendorf ThermoMixer® C. Sample preparation redefined.

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