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Olympus - IX83

Manufactured by Olympus

The fully-motorised and automated inverted microscope system

JEOL - JSM-7800F

Manufactured by JEOL

Thermal Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope

Leica Microsystems - DM300 and DM100

Manufactured by Leica Microsystems

Robust Student Microscopes Leica DM300 & Leica DM100

Leica Microsystems - Leitz Optilux

Manufactured by Leica Microsystems

Compound Microscope Leitz Optilux

ZEISS - Axio Observer

Manufactured by ZEISS

Superior Definition and Contrast: The Leap in Optical Performance

Hirox - KH-7700

Manufactured by Hirox

Advanced 3D Digital Observation

KEYENCE - BZ-9000 Fluorescence Microscope

Manufactured by KEYENCE

All-in-one Fluorescence Microscope - No Darkroom Required

KEYENCE - VW-9000 High-speed Microscope

Manufactured by KEYENCE

High-speed Camera System for Slow Motion Analysis

ZEISS - Axiovert 40

Manufactured by ZEISS

The routine inverted microscope for cell biology


Manufactured by Nikon

A multi-application networked digital microscope for teaching, consultation and collaboration.

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