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Warner Instruments - H501-EC

Manufactured by Warner Instruments

CO2 Microscope Stage Incubator

Prior Scientific - H117 ProScan™

Manufactured by Prior Scientific

Flat Top Inverted Microscope Stage

DeltaNu - MicroVista®-UV

Manufactured by DeltaNu

MicroVista®-UV Back-Illuminated CMOS Camera

DeltaNu - MicroVista®-NIR

Manufactured by DeltaNu

MicroVista®-NIR Back-Illuminated CMOS Camera

ASPEX - EXpressx

Manufactured by ASPEX

The Power of X

Dolan-Jenner - Fiber Light 190

Manufactured by Dolan-Jenner

The Fiber-Lite Model 190 serves the microscopy, sensing, and machine vision industries

Dolan-Jenner - FIBER LITE 170D

Manufactured by Dolan-Jenner

The Model 170-D is a high intensity, 150 Watt, quartz halogen illuminator packaged in a compact housing.

Dolan-Jenner - Fiber Lite Series Mod-190

Manufactured by Dolan-Jenner

Dolan-Jenner Fiber Lite Series Mod-190 Illuminator

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