NMR Spectrophotometers

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Manufactured by JEOL

The ECA series of NMR spectrometers is a high performance, research grade NMR system configurable to a wide range of...

Magritek - Spinsolve Carbon

Manufactured by Magritek

The high-performance, low-cost benchtop NMR system for every chemistry lab. Perfect for Chemistry Education, Synthetic Chemists and Reaction Monitorin

Oxford Instruments - MQA7005

Manufactured by Oxford Instruments

The MQA7005 is a bench top Pulsed Magnetic Resonance Analyser that combines field proven hardware with new technology...

picoSpin - benchtop NMR spectrometer

Manufactured by picoSpin

Introducing the picoSpin™ Benchtop NMR Spectrometer from Cole-Parmer

Bruker Corporation - AVANCE III NanoBay

Manufactured by Bruker Corporation

The new Avance™III NanoBay is the most highly integrated NMR spectrometer.

Varian - Unity 300 Wide Bore

Manufactured by Varian

Varian Unity 300 Wide Bore System, Oxford, NMR

Varian - Gemini 2000

Manufactured by Varian

Gemini 2000 300mhz NMR Spectrometer

Varian - Unity INOVA 400 Mhz

Manufactured by Varian

Unity INOVA 400 Mhz Oxford NMR

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