Raman Spectrophotometers

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Manufactured by HORIBA

Simply better Raman Spectrometer

Thermo Scientific - TruScan RM

Manufactured by Thermo Scientific

TruScan RM for Material Verification

DeltaNu - ExamineR

Manufactured by DeltaNu

ExamineR™ High Performance INNOVATION AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT® Raman Microscope

PerkinElmer - DSC-Raman Hyphenation

Manufactured by PerkinElmer

Two complimentary techniques that when combined provide greater insight into material changes of polymers and pharmaceuticals at a molecular level

PerkinElmer - RamanStation 400

Manufactured by PerkinElmer

Ideally suited for high throughput screening, reaction monitoring or routine analysis.

Anton Paar - Rheo-Raman combination

Manufactured by Anton Paar

Rheology meets Raman spectroscopy

Anton Paar - Cora 7X00

Manufactured by Anton Paar

The high-performance Raman analyzers for research and industry

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