Fraction Collectors

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Gilson - FC 204 Fraction Collector

Manufactured by Gilson

The FC 204 is an ideal large-bed fraction collector, capable of handling a wide variety of collection vessels, including microplates, vials, and tubes

Gilson - FC 206 Fraction Collector

Manufactured by Gilson

Gilson's FC 206 is a high-flow fraction collector, ideal for large-scale preparative work.

Pharmacia LKB - FRAC 100

Manufactured by Pharmacia LKB

Pharmacia FRAC-100 Fraction Collector. Allows fractionation of FPLC material. Features peak detection / location...

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. - BioFrac

Manufactured by Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.

The BioFrac™ fraction collector, ideal for analytical and preparative chromatography applications, is easy to...

GE Healthcare - Amersham Pharmacia RediFrac Fraction Collector

Manufactured by GE Healthcare

The fraction collector, GE Healthcare / Amersham Pharmacia RediFrac, is a versatile instrument for simple, straightforward fraction collection.

Varian - ProStar 701

Manufactured by Varian

This Varian ProStar 701 X-Y Fraction Collector has easy-to-use, interactive programming, microprocessor control and advanced software.

Waters - Fraction Collector III

Manufactured by Waters

Has a durable X-Y movement mechanism to manage the collection of purified peak fractions for use with HPLC, Preparative HPLC, and MS applications.

Teledyne Isco - Foxy Jr

Manufactured by Teledyne Isco

ISCO Foxy Jr Fraction Collector

Teledyne Isco - Foxy 200

Manufactured by Teledyne Isco

ISCO Foxy 200 Fraction Collector

Advantec - SF-2120

Manufactured by Advantec

Advantec SF-2120 Fraction Collector

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