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Haier - Ultra-low Upright Freezers

Manufactured by Haier

The first ULT freezer with mobile message alarm and remote monitoring function in the world.

Thermo Scientific - Cryogenic Storage Chest Freezers

Manufactured by Thermo Scientific

The Thermo Scientific cryogenic freezers maintain uniform temperatures of -140° and -150°C.

Taylor Wharton - LD Series

Manufactured by Taylor Wharton

Cryo-Science Technologies

Taylor Wharton - K Series

Manufactured by Taylor Wharton

Taylor Wharton K Series Cryostorage System

MVE Cryogenics - XLC360HE

Manufactured by MVE Cryogenics

MVE Cryogenics XLC360HE Cryogenic Storage System

Forma Scientific - 929

Manufactured by Forma Scientific

Forma -86 929 Freezer

So-Low - LN2 Cryogenic Storage Systems

Manufactured by So-Low

These Dewars are designed for the storing of cryovials in racks containing 25-cell or 100-cell boxes in liquid...

Thermo Scientific - CryoPlus Storage System

Manufactured by Thermo Scientific

Increase valuable laboratory storage space with Thermo Scientific™ CryoPlus™ Storage Systems, which store up to 38,500 vials (2.0mL)

Thermo Scientific - Arctic Express Cryogenic Shippers with Datalogger

Manufactured by Thermo Scientific

Thermo Scientific™ Arctic Express™ cryogenic shippers are designed to ensure the maintenance of sample integrity.

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