Environmental Chambers

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ESPEC - SH Series Benchtop Chambers

Manufactured by ESPEC

Premium features for the ultimate in testing flexibility.

Lunaire - Test Chamber

Manufactured by Lunaire

Standard chambers sizes are offered in five convenient sizes: 10, 17, 32, 41, and 58 ft 3 and are available in fo...

Hotpack - Environmental Chamber

Manufactured by Hotpack

Quality Engineered to Ensure Reliable Performance for Long-Term Studies

Terra Universal - Acrylic Vacuum Chambers

Manufactured by Terra Universal

These economical vacuum chambers provide a safe, reliable means for transporting contamination- and moisture-sensitive parts.

ESPEC - Thermal Shock Chamber

Manufactured by ESPEC

ESPEC developed the TSD-100 with an interior of 28"x16", while strictly limiting the overall size of the system.

Lauda Brinkmann - WK3200

Manufactured by Lauda Brinkmann

Circulation chillers with closed cooler circuit for continuous nonstop work in research, technology and production at temperatures from -30 to 40C.

Thermal Product Solutions (TPS) - Tenney Benchmaster Test Chamber

Manufactured by Thermal Product Solutions (TPS)

The Tenney Benchmaster Test Chamber simulates a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions to meet a variety of testing needs

ESPEC - Criterion Series

Manufactured by ESPEC

Adding to our popular Criterion benchtop series, ESPEC introduces the BTL-433 humidity chamber with the same quality features & capabiliti.

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