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Savant Instruments - Refrigerated Condensation RT 100A

Manufactured by Savant Instruments

Savant Refrigerated Condensation RT 100A Vapor Trap

Savant Instruments - AS160-120

Manufactured by Savant Instruments

Savant AS160-120 SpeedVac

BUCHI Corporation - Rotavapor® R-210/215

Manufactured by BUCHI Corporation

Lab-scale Rotavapor® R-210/R-215 with an evaporation flask size from 50 ml up to 5'000 ml - built on unmatched technology.

BUCHI Corporation - Rotavapor® R-3

Manufactured by BUCHI Corporation

"The R-3 is an entry level rotary evaporator. It fulfills all the basic needs of the customer, specifically targeting...

BUCHI Corporation - Rotavapor® R-220

Manufactured by BUCHI Corporation

Rotary evaporation is the most commonly used method to remove solvents, as it is an efficient, fast and gentle way of separating liquids.

Labconco - CentriVap Cold Trap

Manufactured by Labconco

CentriVap Cold Traps collect evaporated liquid from the CentriVap Vacuum Concentrator, protecting the vacuum pump from corrosion

EPPENDORF - Vacufuge plus Vacuum Concentrator

Manufactured by EPPENDORF

Eppendorf Vacufuge plus Vacuum Concentrator

Zymark - TurboVap LV

Manufactured by Zymark

The TurboVap LV Concentration Workstation provides fast, unattended evaporation of sample extracts with bench-top...

Heidolph North America - Hei-VAP

Manufactured by Heidolph North America

All Hei-VAP Rotary Evaporators (Value, Advantage, and Precision) come with a detachable operating panel with 4’ (ft)...

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