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Servicebio - Tissue Homogenizer

Manufactured by Servicebio

Product Advantages:

Continuous working, Low temperature, Large sample quantity, No cross-contamination, Ea...

Kinematica - POLYTRON PT 10/35

Manufactured by Kinematica

Kinematica Polytron PT 10/35 Homogenizer

Savant Instruments - Bio 101 FastPrep FP120-120V

Manufactured by Savant Instruments

Savant Bio 101 FastPrep FP120-120V Homogenizer

BioSpec - BeadBeater

Manufactured by BioSpec

Disrupts microorganisms and single-cell preparations with better than 95 percent efficiency

BioSpec - Mini-BeadBeater 16

Manufactured by BioSpec

High-energy cell disrupter designed to handle four to sixteen samples at a time.

BioSpec - Mini-BeadBeater 8

Manufactured by BioSpec

High-energy cell disrupter designed to handle multiple vial samples at a time.

Microfluidics - M-110P Series

Manufactured by Microfluidics

Microfluidics M-110P series Bench-Top Processors are unique machines for pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications

Kinematica - POLYTRON PT 1200 E

Manufactured by Kinematica

The ergonomic handheld homogenizer

Kinematica - POLYTRON PT 1300 D

Manufactured by Kinematica

Handheld homogenizer with digital display

Kinematica - POLYTRON PT 1600 E

Manufactured by Kinematica

economic benchtop homogenizer

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