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Rainin - Pipet-Lite LTS L-5000

Manufactured by Rainin

Rainin Pipet-Lite LTS L-5000 Pipettor

Rainin - Pipet-Plus LTS RL-1000

Manufactured by Rainin

Rainin Pipet-Plus LTD RL1000

Rainin - EDP3 LTS 12-Channel E3-200

Manufactured by Rainin

Rainin EDP3 LTS 12-Channel E3-200 Pipettor

Integra Biosciences - PipetBoy acu

Manufactured by Integra Biosciences

It features a light weight ergonomic design that employs an environmentally friendly, rechargable 9V NiMH battery.

BD Biosciences - Falcon Express; Pipet-Aid

Manufactured by BD Biosciences

The portable, mechanical pipetter that provides flexibility and total control.

Thermo Scientific - Finnpipette 4500 200-1000 ul

Manufactured by Thermo Scientific

ThermoLabsystems Finnpipette 4500 200-1000 ul Pipette


Manufactured by Gilson

Distriman is a positive-displacement, continuously adjustable, repeater-pipette that is designed to simplify multiple dispensing.

Gilson - PIPETMAN® Classic

Manufactured by Gilson

The Pipetting Standard — Gilson's PIPETMAN Classic

Thermo Scientific - Finnpipette F2

Manufactured by Thermo Scientific

Finnpipette F2 Fixed Volume Single Channel Pipette

EPPENDORF - Research pro

Manufactured by EPPENDORF

Top-quality electronic, ergonomic pipette ideally suited to every application.

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