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Servicebio - Magnetic Stirrer

Manufactured by Servicebio

The Magnetic Stirrer is laboratory instrument for liquid mixing, mainly used for mixing or simultaneous heating of lo...

Servicebio - Vortex Stirrer

Manufactured by Servicebio


Suitable for short time operation or long time continuous work.Rotating speed: 2850rpm,...

Thermolyne - Cellgro 45600 (S45625)

Manufactured by Thermolyne

Thermolyne Cellgro S45625 Stirrer

Thermoelectrics - Stir-Kool

Manufactured by Thermoelectrics

Thermoelectrics Stir-Kool Cold Plate Stirrer

VWR - 400

Manufactured by VWR

VWR 400 Hotplate Stirrer

Thermolyne - Cellgro 45700 (S45725)

Manufactured by Thermolyne

Thermolyne Cellgro S45725 Slow Speed Stirrer

Thermolyne - Nuova II

Manufactured by Thermolyne

S18525 Stirrer and Hot Plate Stirrer: Get years and years of use out of this highly robust lab stirrer with exceptional low end temperature control!

Lab-Line - Magnestir 1250

Manufactured by Lab-Line

Lab-line Magnestir 1250 Stirrer

Silverson - L5M-A

Manufactured by Silverson

The latest development in high shear lab mixing – the new Silverson L5M-A – is ideal for all laboratory work, research...

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