Biological Safety Cabinets

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NuAire - LabGard™ 806

Manufactured by NuAire

THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED>                    Personnel Protection for hand...

Baker - BioChemGARD e3

Manufactured by Baker

Performing to a higher standard so you can do the same.

Baker - BioPROtect series

Manufactured by Baker

Class II Style Walk-In Clean Air and Containment Enclosures.

NuAire - CellGard™ HD ES NU-481

Manufactured by NuAire

CellGard ES (Energy Saver) HD (Hazardous Drug) NU-481 Class II, Type A2 Biosafety Cabinet

Air Science USA - Vent-Box

Manufactured by Air Science USA

Air Science Vent-Box ductless filtration systems are designed to protect laboratory personnel from chemical vapors...

Air Science USA - Purair BIO

Manufactured by Air Science USA

Class II, Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinets "The World's Most Extensive Selection of Containment Solutions."

Z-SC1 Corp. - Biosafety Cabinets Class II Type A2

Manufactured by Z-SC1 Corp.

ZSC1 models are the ONLY Biosafety Cabinets with stainless steel chassis, unibody construction and a splash-proof...

Baker - SterilGard II SG-400

Manufactured by Baker

This Baker SterilGard II SG400 laminar flow hood is a class II, type A

Thermo Scientific - 1300 Series A2

Manufactured by Thermo Scientific

Our Thermo Scientific 1300 Series A2 Class II, Type A2 biological safety cabinets provide best-in-class safety,...

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