Microscope Accessories

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EPPENDORF - CellTram Air/Oil/vario

Manufactured by EPPENDORF

CellTram® Air/ Oil and vario, are manual microinjectors for pressure control, manual microinjection and liquid dispensing.

TILL Photonics - Polychrome V monochromator

Manufactured by TILL Photonics

The Polychrome V is an ultra fast switching monochromator with a fully digital high precision galvanometer driven grating.

Prior Scientific - OpenStand Electrophysiology Solution

Manufactured by Prior Scientific

The OpenStand® is a fully configurable, motorized optical stand that when combined with your optics and ac...

EPPENDORF - Femtojet

Manufactured by EPPENDORF

FemtoJet® is perfectly suited for injecting small to intermediate volumes (up to 100 pL).

Newport Corporation - ST Series

Manufactured by Newport Corporation

Newport offers a wide variety of Optical Tables. Our optical table solutions are designed to fit any performance, budget and delivery need.

Eberbach - Microscope Slide Storage Accessories

Manufactured by Eberbach

Eberbach offers a Microscope Slide Warming Table. This item is used in embedding tissues with parafinn, this enables...

ZEISS - Objectives

Manufactured by ZEISS

The performance of microscope objectives determines the resulting image quality of your microscope like no other system component.

Leica Microsystems - Objectives

Manufactured by Leica Microsystems

For more than 160 years Leica Microsystems has designed and produced top-class objectives for a wide variety of applications in the research industry

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