DNA / RNA Purification

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Arcis Biotechnology - DNA Blood Kit (IVD)

Manufactured by Arcis Biotechnology

The Arcis DNA Blood Kit is a ready to use kit comprising two pre-filled tubes enabling pre-analytical processing of...

AMSbio - Exosome DNA and RNA Extraction Kits

Manufactured by AMSbio

Efficient exosome capture and high quality RNA extraction kits.   Efficient exosome capture and ...

GeneVac - miVac DNA

Manufactured by GeneVac

The miVac DNA is an ideal small vacuum concentrator for the molecular biology laboratory. The miVac DNA is capable of...

PerkinElmer - chemagic 360-D Instrument

Manufactured by PerkinElmer

Based on PerkinElmer patented magnetic bead technology the chemagic 360-D instrument represents the ideal solution for nucleic acid isolation

New England Biolabs - Monarch Nucleic Acid Purification Kit

Manufactured by New England Biolabs

It's time to transform your DNA purification experience.

Stratophase Ltd - Ranger System

Manufactured by Stratophase Ltd

Ranger uses Stratophase’s ground breaking micro-optical sensing technology to enable automated, real-time monitoring...

Analytik Jena - RoboGene HDV RNA Quantification Kit 2.0

Manufactured by Analytik Jena

The CE-IVD certified RoboGene® HDV RNA Quantification Kit 2.0 is intended for quantification of Hepatitis D Virus RNA...

PerkinElmer - 9600

Manufactured by PerkinElmer

The GeneAmp PCR System 9600 automates the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technique for amplifying DNA. The Polymerase...

PerkinElmer - 480

Manufactured by PerkinElmer

The DNA Thermal Cycler 480 automates the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technique for amplifying DNA. The sample...

MP Biomedicals - MPure-12™

Manufactured by MP Biomedicals

Obtain the Highest Yield and Purity with the Superior MPure-12™ Automated System that is Convenient, Flexible and Affordable!

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