Molecular Imaging

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GE Healthcare - Biacore™ T200

Manufactured by GE Healthcare

New frontiers of performance - Explore biological realities with confidence

GE Healthcare - ImageQuant LAS 500

Manufactured by GE Healthcare

ImageQuant™ LAS 500 is a cooled CCD imager for imaging of chemiluminescent Western blots, fluorescent protein and...

Molecular Devices - SpectraMax i3x Multi-Mode Microplate Platform

Manufactured by Molecular Devices

Multi-Mode Microplate Reader Platform. Sensitive absorbance, luminescence, and fluorescence microplate detection platform that evolves over time.

GE Healthcare - Amersham Imager 600 Series

Manufactured by GE Healthcare

A sensitive and robust chemiluminescence imager for high-resolution digital imaging of protein and DNA samples in gels and membranes.

Alpha Innotech - Multi Image

Manufactured by Alpha Innotech

Alpha Innotech Multi Image Light Cabinet

Alpha Innotech - FluorChem IS-8900

Manufactured by Alpha Innotech

The equipment can be used in a variety of different ways . . .



The NightSHADE is a in-vivo imaging system dedicated to plant research.

R&D Systems - ProteinSimple FluorChem E system

Manufactured by R&D Systems

Do more with less>Never miss a faint band again! Every aspect of the FluorChem™ E system...

R&D Systems - ProteinSimple FluorChem Q system

Manufactured by R&D Systems

Quantitative Western blot imaging>The multiplex fluorescent detection and chemiluminescent ima...

R&D Systems - ProteinSimple AlphaImager HP system

Manufactured by R&D Systems

High-performance, fully automated imaging has made the AlphaImager® HP our most popular platform. The system's...

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