Tissue Processors

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Seward - Stomacher® 80

Manufactured by Seward

For Processing Tissue

Sakura - Tissue Tek VIP 2000

Manufactured by Sakura

The user friendly V.I.P. processors are not only designed for maximum reliability, but they also ensure the ultimate safety of your specimens.

Leica Biosystems - Peloris

Manufactured by Leica Biosystems

The Leica Peloris™ rapid tissue processor is a dual retort tissue processor that offers fast, high quality tissue processing for histology labs.

Leica Biosystems - Tissue Processor ASP300 S

Manufactured by Leica Biosystems

Designed for routine and research histopathology of up to 300 cassettes

Leica Biosystems - TP1020

Manufactured by Leica Biosystems

The Leica TP1020 tissue processor is available in four different configurations.

Thermo Scientific - Shandon Citadel 1000

Manufactured by Thermo Scientific

Thermo Scientific* Citadel Tissue Processor is a low cost, reliable, time-tested carousel-type tissue processor with...

Seward - Stomacher 400 EVO

Manufactured by Seward

The World’s leading laboratory blender for food microbiologists has EVOlved.

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