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Aries Filterworks - HPL-RO

Manufactured by Aries Filterworks

The HPL-RO system uses feedwater pressure to purifiy the water through a reverse osmosis membrane.

Omni International - Omni TH

Manufactured by Omni International

Omni Portable Tissue Homogenizer

Omni International - Mixer 17105

Manufactured by Omni International

Omni Mixer 17105 Homogenizer

Omni International - Mixer ES-115

Manufactured by Omni International

Omni Mixer ES-115 Homogenizer

Fryka GmbH - Koelunit 3364-005

Manufactured by Fryka GmbH

Fryka GmbH Koelunit 3364-005 Chiller

Eldex - 1243

Manufactured by Eldex

Eldex 1243 Fraction Collector

Eldex - UFC 1243/U200

Manufactured by Eldex

Eldex UFC 1243/U200 Fraction Collector

Microfluidics - HC-2000

Manufactured by Microfluidics

Microfluidics HC-2000 Homogenizer

MedTec - AutoBlot 2000 A2000-2

Manufactured by MedTec

MedTec AutoBlot 2000 A2000-2 Robot

Tomtec - Quadra96 SV 320

Manufactured by Tomtec

Tomtec Quadra96 SV 320 Pipette Workstation

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